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Before You Book

Time Zones:  

As much as we pride ourselves on being flexible and open to discussion we prefer it to be during sociable hours. We do not work to a 9 to 5 time frame but do prefer to chat between 8.am and 9.30.pm New Zealand time.  Google is a great source of information and can help calculate the time difference between your home town and New Zealand.


Daylight Saving: Please note that tide times are normally corrected for daylight savings but always double check.

We advise all visitors to Moonraker House check the rules, weather conditions and tide times before venturing out into the local waterways. We advise that suitable life jackets and first aid equipment is taken and used if required. If you have allergies you need to take your own antihistamine. 

Tide Times:For those planning an event on the Split Apple beach or in the Abel Tasman National Park while staying at Moonraker House we recommend you use the Met Service website for all tide and water safety information.  The tide depth changes quite dramatically in our region and if you do not fully understand, it could leave you in deep water rather than high and dry. We will help you make the final decision but your celebration or activity date could be effected if you do not chose the right days and times of day.  If you are planning a beach or estuary wedding/event it’s important to check tide times. Some tides can be unusually high and can cut off access.  If a Boat or helicopter is planned, the skipper or pilot will liaise with Terri and have the final say on changing plans based on safety.  The Dream Maker works with approved transport service providers who all know the protocol.

Weather: unfortunately no one has control over the weather but we do have control to be ready should the weather cause a problem.  It is important for you to have an alternative plan ready for such an eventuality. The Dream Maker will discuss options with the customer and learn what would be considered the cut-off point and who is responsible to make that call.  This is when a manager is most valuable; as a call for Plan B requires a tight team and a prepared action plan.  We do have a handful of umbrellas available.

It’s all about the children

All children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Split Apple Rock and its beach is relatively calm and safe with exciting places for children to explore, with rocks and caves to play in but these are effected by the tide which can come in fast. There is commercial and public boat activity close to the Rock during day light hours and we advise you take extreme care. Moonraker House is 9.5 metres in the tree canopy and we ask all guardians of children be responsible in supervision while children are on the deck.


Access: Moonraker has road and beach access which is not suitable for anyone with mobility issues.  We advise sturdy foot ware when venturing outside and on arrival and departure.  We are very lucky that most water transport providers can access Split Apple beach to pick up our guests, this saves parking and avoids crowds.  This must, however be booked in advance.

Marine Life: Please do not enter the water with marine life, access any forbidden beaches, get between a seal on land or in the water or between a mother seal and her pup. Please be sure to return any unwanted food, waste or rubbish with you, leaving only footsteps in the sand.  No open flames are permitted in these delicate locations.

Permits: If you think you don’t need to register your event with the relevant body, such as council or Department of Conservation (Doc) and even a private land owner, you may get a horrible shock on the day of your event.  Either a double booking or being asked to move on.  If you hold the confirmation paper-work you have the upper hand. The Dream Maker understands the requirements for the necessary DOC permits to manage events in the Nelson & Tasman National Parks. Other locations sometimes used may belong to Iwi (local Maori groups) and require sensitive consideration and communication within the historic realms of their culture.  Each location has stipulations often under a concession holders legal obligation, for example managing the impact of a group within that environment and keeping to rules such as only having floral bouquets which hold native content or artificial ones must be considered.

Safety and Risk Assessment: A good quality event manager will offer a risk assessment on your behalf to discuss any potential risk to you, your guests the team and the public.  The risk could be road or traffic access and in this case the council would need advanced notice of at least 5 working days and a road control assessment completed and signed off by a qualified road traffic supervisor. Again your manager can save extra costs through experience of providing the correct information saving the council time.  You may be required to use a company such as Fulton Hogan for road signage if your event is likely to produce a traffic issue. parking at Split Apple is restricted if you are inviting day visitors (Conditions do apply, so please give us advanced notice of your plans)

Alcohol: most public places in our region have strict rules about alcohol consumption and these rules must be adhered to.  You are not permitted to drink alcohol on Split Apple beach.  The company does not have a license to purchase and on-sell alcohol but we can pick up your alcohol order for you. There would be a handling charge. Moonraker House is 9.5 metres in the tree canopy and we ask that any drinking is responsible.


Access & Parking: consideration for parking must be discussed. Will your guests list be larger than the capacity of the parking? The Dream Maker can organised and manage alternative transport to minimize this issue but also avoid any guests driving if they have been drinking.  Moonraker has road with limited parking and a walk down a steep drive and boat access with an incline to walk to the house through the native bush.

Noise: Consideration to neighboring homes and the public must be a priority if a sound system is required for music or speeches.  By law all amplified music requires a council permit in a public place, if it is not amplified it does not require a permit. The Dream Maker can on your behalf organize all necessary paperwork within its management service. There is a curfew at Moonraker House of 10.30.pm

Rubbish: The Dream Maker holds an Enviro Bronze award for its efforts in maintaining and protecting the environments it works in. As part of our management service we can organize the flagging off of your desired venue location and offer a clean-up service before your event to ensure no unsightly piles of rubbish or dog feces are within your ceremony or reception location.  Most public places do have rubbish bins but we find these are often full to over flowing. The company management offer a service to insure all bins are freshened up. We also check public toilets facility in the location and offer a beautifying service for that little added touch for your event.  Once your event is over you are required by law to immediately clean up after yourselves and remove everything from the site returning it to its former or improved situation. The company can manage this for you and because of our Enviro Bronze status and company policy we recycle what we can. Conditions and charges do apply.

Legality if you want to get married at Moonraker House or Split Apple Beach: To be able to get legally married at Moonraker House or any local location you must have a legal registered  independent New Zealand Celebrant.  Lucily Terri is one and will walk you through the process of your event and create a script personal to you. You will need to be in the country for no less than 3 days which is a fraction of most other countries stipulations and you will need to register your intent to be married to get your license.  You must check with your own country if there are any further requirements and what paperwork you will need to present to the Registrar.

Witnesses: You need two legal witnesses.these need to be people who can understand the legality of the event and must be happy to sign the licence and give their legal residential address. We can provide witnesses if needed

Translators: We can provide translators,which is a legal requirement in marriage. We need plenty of notice. (Conditions apply and there might be an extra cost).

.Disclaimer: Moonraker House, Do not accept liability for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages that result from any errors in the information given, whether due to a third party, or that arise from the use, or misuse, of the tide information contained in this blog/website.

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