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Jim and I were both brought up to be conscious of the environment, so it is second nature to us and this is why it is important to do all we can to support our local community and the environment we live in.

Moonraker House has been built with as many local product and service providers as possible and where this was not achievable we did what we could to be as environmentally aware and friendly as we were able within our budget.

We encourage our visitors to embrace our efforts, which might not always be the most convenient but at least has less impact, for example, we supply alternatives to plastic cling wrap and do our best to avoid unnecessary plastic packaging. We will provide reusable shopping bags.

We encourage our guests to do as much as possible to help minimise landfill by cleaning and dividing plastic, card and glass for recycling. Bins are provided and removed for your convenience.

At this stage we are on the main electricity grid but our long term focus is to bring in solar power and feed back into the national grid so we are making a zero impact while benefiting others..

We collect rain water and trust our guests will be willing to take care not to waste this precious commodity. We do not by routine wash towels daily and ask our guests to place soiled towels in the basket provided and we will supply new ones as and when you need replacements.

We provide beach towels and ask that you hang these to dry between use to save further water wasting. Of course the same applies if you do need a new one you simply have to ask.

We did decide to put in a beautiful bath designed for two in our superior room “Eve” and expect couples to enjoy this privilege but suggest that you only fill this half way as to not waste the water and overflow the bath when two of you get in. We have provided Epsom salts for your enjoyment but do not encourage bubble bath due the the chemicals they carry.

All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly. As we have a natural soak away system we ask that our guests minimise any use of chemical charged cleaning products.

We are delighted to be working with some wonderful local businesses who craft their own personal cleaning and cleansing products.  Louise from Three Gems creates these pure natural products and were born out of her desperation to find something that worked on her skin and didn’t leave it irritated or blotchy!  Cosmetology has always been her interest, and during her 20 years in hairdressing she loved mixing the lotions and potions and learning about chemicals and how they worked on our hair and skin.  A couple of decades on, and after years of her own skin problems, she came to the realisation that we don’t need all of those chemicals – of course nature provides all that we need.

I was so excited to meet with Louise from Three Gems  at a local business trust workshop and to come together for a custom Moonraker house product.  With Split Apple Rock being our point of difference and a flavour she wasn’t already using “Apple” it became.  The nelson and Tasman region is famed for its apple fruit production, so this was simple a perfect product. All our rooms will hold complimentary items and you will be welcome to use them but again, we ask that if you don’t use them to leave them unhampered to save wastage. Please feel free to take the items you have used home.  If you fall in love with them, we can arrange orders direct to your door.

Items available: natural deodorant, Lip balm, witch hazel, Frankincense face oil and makeup remover. (We provide separate face flannels for makeup removing)

Soap has been another concern, in our industry there is a huge waste of soap and packaging associated with it. So again, I looked for a local idea for a supplier that would minimise any impact to our local environment.  We found Julia and Gary from Purple Kiwi, a small local farm, who have their own milking goats and as a side product craft some delicious soap options and when I say delicious that’s exactly what I mean.  You can meet them at the local Motueka Sunday Market. Again, we wanted a point of difference and they were more than happy to custom create small bars with beautiful essential apple oil scent .  This soap is a base of sustainable vegetable olive and coconut oils  (No palm oil) combined with the milk of their own goats holding their own moisturising and antimicrobial properties to enhance your skin condition, we can also assure you that neither of these products have needed to be tested on animals, as everything is naturally balanced for a perfect fusion just as nature intended. (vegan soap also available)

I tried their shampoo soap, in the hope we could also promote this product but discovered that you may have to go through a transition before the shampoo bar works perfectly. Obviously with our guests being on holiday, we didn’t feel this time was appropriate for that transition. Do ask us more about this and we can advise where to obtain this shampoo bar for future experimenting

Our hand pump soap and cleaning products are purchased in bulk and reusable containers from another great local business Beetroot We are also working towards being completely chemical free by using Enjo, although not local we feel the quality and environmental impact of this products outweighs the negativity of its shipping. We do buy from a lovely passionate lady, Tracey; a local representative, so we are still supporting a small business and family.

For our guests who are really passionate about the environment like we are, we can highly recommend Stew from Abel Tasman Eco Tours. Your day out in the park will not disappoint you with his knowledge and efforts to protect this incredible environment.

We also recommend you look at our local environment organisations who work hard to maintain our local bird, mammal and bush life, Donations to these courses are a great way for you to give back and insure the environment is cared for to benefit the next generations.

Bird song Trust  Abel Tasman Tree collective Abel Tasman Guardians Project Yanszoon Project Jonah

We ask that our guests only use environmentally sympathetic products to protect our natural water treatment system which eventually leaches into our native bush and local waterways. This is a system with resource consent by the Tasman District Council.

Disclosure: All the information has been given to us by our product providers, although we trust their word, we can not be held responsible for any situations, damage or loss arising from their use.